Home School Material

There is literally a whole world of homeschool material out there. Especially since the advent of the Internet, resources for homeschooling abound and are easy to find.

There are some websites that are virtual shopping centers for curricula and supplies. If you want material for a Christian homeschool, there are sites dedicated to just that. If it’s Unit Studies material there are many sources for them too from whole sites to whole pages of larger stores on the web.

Finding supplies is usually not the biggest problem for homeschoolers. What seems to be the larger difficulty is deciding on the method of homeschooling and the list of subjects to teach. There is a lot of information out there to help with this too. Many books have been written about the various types of homeschools. Some parents already know what they want to do but didn’t know it had an actual method named for it. Others know about the methods but don’t want to follow the exact curriculum for a particular one. They can alter the method and come up with their own hybrid teaching plan. It’s OK. That is one of the main advantages of homeschooling. Unless you are violating some requirement of the State you live in or your local school board, you can teach what ever you like.

Homeschool material varies by method, but it can also vary a lot in price. If you choose to homeschool with the ease of a “school-in-a-box” program, you could be spending hundreds of dollars per year per child. The advantage though is you will receive everything you need to teach for the whole year. Textbooks, workbooks, teaching aids, visuals and whatever else they offer will be included. You might have to go out and buy some pencils, paper and ring binders to store the completed work, but that’s about it.

Correspondence schools are another shortcut. They can be online schools that have daily lessons or written ones that get sent to you on a regular basis. Both will test your student at various times, grade the papers and keep a transcript of the results. The cost, however, is high. $3,000-$4,000 per year per student is not unheard of.

There is another way to get everything you need at one place and for, we believe, a reasonable price. It’s called a subscription school. You pay on the average around $20-$25 per month per child and log onto their website every school day. Your student will be supplied with lessons in video form, perhaps following along with a workbook. All subjects can be taught this way or just the ones you choose. It seems like a reasonable price and could provide a little break in the day if you just do it for certain subjects. The student can use the computer while the parent gets a little rest or does some chores.

But if you’re going to teach in the more traditional methods, you’ll be needing books. Some can come from the public library, but others like textbooks, will likely have to be purchases. Textbooks, especially in the math and science areas can be expensive. There are used books you can find on the Internet or perhaps through a local homeschool support group.

Homeschool material will not be a problem to find. Whether it’s supplies or curricula material, it won’t be hard to locate them. You just need to decide which method of homeschooling you’re going to practice first.