How About Home School? – Know More About the Pros and Cons

What exactly is Home School? As what others call it, is the act of educating children at home, either by the parents themselves or private teachers who would visit the child in his house for academic tutorials. However, the term home school could also refer to the non-classroom instruction given by umbrella schools or correspondence schools and also supervised by them.

For most parents, the first teachings of the child should start at home. There are a couple of reasons as to why some parents opt not to send their children to ordinary schools but rather prefer home school for them. Poor school environment is one of those reasons. Some parents also believe that it would give their children better academic results. They also believe that the child could have speedy character and moral development.

What are the benefits: For the most part, many Christian parents opt to have their children home schooled for the reason that their conviction to teach their children at home is very important. They are concerned about their children’s Christian character development. Apart from that, It gives the family more chance of being together, being unified and have more time to share things with each other. Since there is no fixed time, the family can schedule trips or go out of town to spend time bonding with each other. Home school could also develop the child’s independent thinking and confidence. The parents could also protect their children from the negative influences that children could get from school.

There are also times in the life of an individual that they experience depression or problems. With home school, the parents can give the attention that their children need. They could also focus on encouraging their children to fight and overcome the challenges of life.

However, it is not about the advantages. One disadvantage that we can see is that the parents have to spend most of their time with their children making them unable to work on other things in the house or especially when they are out for work. When children have their own private tutors, parents should make it a point that they conduct background information on their private tutors to ensure the safety of their children.

Let’s face it; there are more people who approve school education over home school. Thus, it would be difficult for the parents justifying their decision to their friends and family as to why they prefer home school for their children. Since the focus of home school is academic excellence, the parents should also research about the appropriate curriculum for their children to achieve their goal.

Whether you approve the advantages or the disadvantages, knowing your child’s needs and ensuring their safety are the basic things before deciding. Know what you exactly want for your child and decide for the best.